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Rental Application Form

You MUST submit a rental application form for each renter who will be living in the apartment or house that you are applying for. There is a $25.00 rental application fee + $1.50 processing fee to complete the background check for each renter.

* indicates a required field

Address Applying For:

Property Address: *Projected move in date if accepted: *How did you hear about us? *

Personal Information:

First Name: *Last Name: *E-Mail Address: *
Birthdate: *Drivers License Number: *Drivers License State: *
Social Security Number: *Home Phone Number: *Cell Phone Number: *

Current Address:

Current Address: *Current City, State, Zip: *Length of Time at Current Address: *
Reason for Moving: *Current Landlord: *Current Landlord Phone Number: *

Employer Information:

Employer Name *Employer Contact Phone Number: *Employer Address: *
Employer City, State, Zip: *Job Title/Current Position: *Length of Time with Employer: *
Annual Salary: *Manager Name: *

Rental References (List 2, not related):

Reference 1 First Name: *Reference 1 Last Name: *Reference 1 Phone Number: *
Reference 2 First Name:Reference 2 Last Name:Reference 2 Phone Number:

Other Information:

List any other sources of income: *Amount per Month: *Name and relationship of EVERY person who will be living with you: *
Emergency contact name: *Emergency contact number: *

Other Questions:

Have you ever been served an eviction notice or been asked to vacate a property? *
Have you ever willfully and intentionally refused to pay rent? *
Have you ever been convicted of a crime? *
Have you ever had a judgment entered against you? *
Have you ever been convicted of the manufacturing or distribution of any controlled substances? *
Do You Own A Pet? *
If a dog, what breed? (Required if you have a dog)


This application is made with the understanding that it is contingent up on acceptance and execution by the owner, manager, employee, or agent. RELEASE: In consideration for being permitted to apply for this apartment or house, I, Applicant do represent all information in this application to be true and accurate and that the owner, manager, employee, or agent may rely on this information when investigating and accepting this application. By checking the box below I herby authorize all credit reporting agencies, employers, credit and personal references to release all pertinent information about me. A photocopy of this shall be as valid as the original. I understand that the credit report, rental history, tenant performance, conviction records and or retail credit history will be done through the facilities of the National Tenant Network, (978) 858-0756. I do also herby authorize the owner, manager, employee, or agent to make periodic additional inquiries on the above-mentioned information without further permission. I do state the information given above is correct under Penalty of Perjury. I further agree that Lessor may terminate any lease if any false statements have been made. It is understood that the above information will be held strictly confidential. *
By checking this box, I do hereby consent to the release of my personal, employment, and financial information to successfully process this application:

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